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Under stairs closets

Tailor-made closet solution under the stairs

Ingenious cabinet solutions

Make full use of the space under the stairs by implementing a tailor-made storage solution.

In this way, you optimize the available space to the fullest. In addition to keeping the hallway tidy, it also gives your home a calmer feel.

Try to imagine shoes, bags and accessories, all nicely organized and easy to find in the busy morning routine.

It could also be that you simply want extra storage space for things you don’t use very often.

Regardless of what you want to store under the stairs, we can deliver smart cupboard solutions that cover exactly your needs.

See more examples of closets under the stairs.

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It's all about the details

Quality and care are at the heart of our solutions. It’s not every day that you invest in a custom-made wardrobe, which is why it must of course also be made properly.

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